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Trendwatching with The Blush Label

Trends are constantly changing, especially with the power of social media in today's world. At The Blush Label, we do our best to stay informed about upcoming trends in order to translate them into beautiful items for your home.

With the release of our newest collection, we've identified a few trends—with the help of High Point Market, Fashion Snoops and PANTONE®—that will help you keep your home interiors fresh and exciting.

Cove and Old Havana are two trends that will be popping up starting this Fall (through next Spring/Summer) in home interior color palettes across the marketplace.

Cove: Inspired by the Coast of California 

Have you ever driven up the coast of California where you can see the coastal coves, full of soft, natural colors? According Fashion Snoops, Cove is the newest trend "inspired by locations like Monterey and Big Sur, and revels in the rugged beauty of twisting curves and dramatic cliffs that plunge into the ocean."

The color palette contains stunning shades of bluestarting with a deep sea blue and lightening to a hue reminiscent of the crystal blue water as it brushes the coast. Grays, a light beige, and shades of coral, mix in to tell the story of the stones and cliffs to complete this natural, contemporary palette.

To get the Cove look in your home, we recommend our Tilda Pillow (pictured above), which embodies the colors of this new trend. Add a Gregg Park Chair in Stone Cotton with a Graydon finish by Taylor Burke Home for the full Cove look. 



Old Havana: Inspired by 20th Century Art Deco 

It's no secret that many of our designs at The Blush Label are inspired by the Caribbean islands. Our father hails from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, which in style, is somewhat similar to its neighbor, Cuba. Havana, the capital of Cuba, is timeless in several ways (due to the politics of the island), keeping in place the art deco-inspired style and architecture. As travel to Cuba has become popular over the past year, so have the trends of the colorful, vintage island.

According to Fashion Snoops, the Old Havana trend embodies "reinterpretations of art deco styling in gold and sun bleached hues recall the idyllic pace of island living, giving a fresh take to spring trends. Vintage elements adorn shapes, creating a sense of authenticity through tradition and craft. Old Havana offers a vibrant yet laid back look that finds new inspirations in a rich heritage."

While we can think of several designs from our line that fall into this trend, our new Watercolor pillows—available in Cobalt or Pink & Orange—really bring this trend to life.

To get the Old Havana look in your home, pair a set of Watercolor pillows in pink & orange with these Vintage Green Barrel-Back Chairs available at Chairish.



Excerpts and photos from this article were derived from Cove, A Coming Trend for 2017 and Old Havana, A Coming Trend for 2017, published by High Point Market in partnership with Fashion Snoops and PANTONE®.


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